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The New RSL season ticket spots

So each team in every sport wants lots of fans, they need season ticket holders who represent a constant revenue stream for the teams.  I am entering my 8th season as a season ticket holder and yet when I see the RSL TV spots each year I still get excited by what the future might bring.  This year the two spots I have seen are both classic, so I thought it was only right to share them with you in case you haven’t seen them yet:

I remember that match, the energy level was off the charts and something I love about being at Rio Tinto Stadium for matches.

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The vacation is over, now back to RSL and more!

So heading into the second leg of the RSL vs. Seattle playoff series I found myself in a strange position of just not having a lot of energy or passion left for RSL or MLS, after 5 years of almost non-stop blogging and tweets, it was time for a rest from it all.

So that was a month ago and after the heart breaking loss to the Sounders at home, the RSL Open Houses for season ticket holders, and the rest of the MLS Cup playoffs, I have found that I really did need the break I took.  For those of you who expressed concern, thanks it was just time for a break and it has allowed me a lot of time to think about RSL, MLS, and soccer in America in general.

It is kinda funny that this morning one of the first things I see is a tweet from Brian Dunesth, one of the nicest guys, one of the best MLS/Soccer broadcasters going, and a guy who I respect the opinion and knowledge of when it comes to all things footy.  Here is what he tweeted:

Been a part of MLS since 1997 in some way, shape or form and words can’t explain how far this league has come.

He is exactly right, the league has come a very long way, and many fans forget or simply weren’t around in those early years, so it is hard to appreciate what we have.

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