A cause worth mentioning as Bumpy Pitch and Robbie Rogers collaborate

Over my years as a blogger there have been very few posts that I have made about causes, but this is one that I feel needs to be made.  I have known Brian Dunseth for several years and he is one of the nicest guys I know, always smiling, always willing to talk with everyone and anyone.  I consider him one of the cornerstones of what has become the RSL Family, for his actions on and off the pitch, and I don’t believe the club would be where it is today without him.  I can’t claim that I know Robbie Rogers, but I do believe he is a quality player and from everything I have seen him say and do since he first entered MLS he seems like a quality guy.

So how can I not help promote the latest collaboration between the two:

Bumpy Pitch x Robbie Rogers – BEYOND “it”

Beyond It 1

We go back quite a bit with Robbie Rogers and his agent Shaun Higgins. When Robbie came out earlier this year we started having some conversations with them about some of the initiatives that they were working on to make a difference in the world. One of the key things they were working on was a new project called Beyond “it”. As we talked further we started to formulate an idea for Bumpy Pitch to do a shirt that supported both Robbie and his Beyond “it” campaign. This provided the opportunity to help out a friend, his cause and be a part of something that we believe deeply in.

Here is what Beyond “it” is all about.

Embellished on the back of the t-shirt you will find a BEYOND “it” logo. Robbie helped create BEYOND “it”, a global platform of support for people and initiatives to invite our culture to move beyond the labels & stereotypes that limit us from reaching our full potential. The BEYOND “it” logo serves as a statement to the world that we are BEYOND “it”; BEYOND homophobia, BEYOND racism, BEYOND disablism, BEYOND sexism. BEYOND anything that separates us from each other.

Beyond It 2

BEYOND “it” products fuel a philanthropic platform, powered by the people, to raise money for partner charities that move us beyond it.

A portion of sales of this shirt are being donated to Beyond “it” and the causes they wish to support. The Beyond “it” t-shirt is available exclusively at Bumpy Pitch

As I said there aren’t many causes that I push when blogging, but if ever there were a cause worth pushing, well this is one that I can say is worthy.

That’s How I See It



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