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OK RSL Family another chance to support a great cause

So a good friend of mine brought this cause to my attention and with just a day or so to go they have reached their goal on kickstarter but I thought maybe some of you would feel like helping out.

This is a letter that they sent out earlier in the week that sums up the cause:


My dear friend, Dallas Graham, has created an inspirational publishing project giving critically ill children a voice. It’s called the Red Fred Project. He plans to publish 50 books created by 50 children with critical illnesses across the 50 states.

Dallas created the Red Fred Project after he learned about a friend’s child who was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Having worked with terminally ill children previously, through photo-documentary projects, he merged the idea of having a child tell a story with a set of birds he had designed from commas and exclamation marks, named The Jolly Troop.

As a long time & close friend, I want to help him reach his funding goal! I believe this is worthwhile & have loved getting involved in. To help him with fundraising, I’m sharing a link to his Kickstarter campaign. You can watch his video and learn about donating to the project by clicking on this link:

If Dallas raises the funds for his goal, or surpasses the goal, the project will be funded; if he is $1 short of the funding goal by the time the campaign ends, no money leaves any donor’s account. It’s all or nothing!

All pledges are tax-deductible & he has 7 days left to raise approximately $45K.

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Losing Sucks, but it isn’t the end of the world

Before you read any further, understand that I started writing a blog in 2007 after reading another blogger comparing Jason Kreis and his management style to Robert Murrary’s days after there was a collapse in the Crandall mine owned by Murray killed several miners.  It was a time when RSL struggled a lot on the pitch, but was in the midst of trying to rebuild yet so many people online were simply so negative about everything that it was frustrating as a fan to see. If you have read any version of my blog you will know that I am a RSL fan, pure and simple, I look at the team from two perspectives (a fan and as a business).  The 1-0 loss last night sucked, and every person who bought a ticket has a right to be mad that we lost.  You have a right to vent however you want, I have a right to look at things another way, we are likely not going to see eye to eye on things.  Others will look at how the match was played, I thought I would look at something else. That being said:

Well 64 teams entered the US Open Cup, two were fortunate enough to make it to the final, but only one was going to win it, so is it better to have been one of the final two teams and to have lost or to have been a team knocked out by a lower division team like last year’s RSL squad?  Don’t get me wrong I hate losing, it makes me mad for days, but I don’t let it cause me to threaten to cancel my season tickets, it doesn’t cause me to question the loyalty of the team or staff, it doesn’t cause me to throw a temper tantrum online.

Yes you have a right to be mad, you have a right to do whatever want, but for me as a soccer fan (long before there was a RSL) I learned a valuable lesson, soccer is never about one match, it is never about one season, it is about the adventure of a lifetime of backing a team that you believe in.  It means you take your lumps along with enjoying glory, for the vast majority of teams in all sports there are a lot more lumps than there is glory.

So in the aftermath of the 1-0 loss to DC United last night, I wasn’t surprised at some of the venting online, but I tried to look at the positives.  The reactions I got were interesting and in some cases a bit troubling, see RSL is a young team by soccer standards, not even to our 10th season yet and we have become one of the most consistent teams in MLS history.  Actually we are the first team to have 4 straight seasons with 15 wins and 50 points, we may be joined by the LA Galaxy who can achieve that this season as well.  We have the longest playoff streak in MLS with this being our 6th straight season of making the playoffs.  We are spoiled, spoiled by the success of the team, and that has shown clearly in the hours after the loss.

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Why the US Open Cup matters, and matters so much to Real Salt Lake

Tuesday night Real Salt Lake will play the second most important match they have ever played at Rio Tinto Stadium, the 2011 CCL final was the most important.  This will be the third time RSL will be able to lift a trophy at home, they failed in their two previous attempts (2008 Western Conference Final & 2011 Champions League Final).  Of course it is funny how some people don’t put much weight behind the US Open Cup, saying that MLS teams rarely take it seriously, that US Soccer doesn’t really care about the tournament, but it is kinda strange when you compare the realities to those statements.

5 years ago I would have agreed that most MLS teams dialed it in when it came to the US Open Cup, the format changed often and it was hard to get fans interested in it.  Then came back to back to back titles by the Seattle Sounders, who showed that it was the easiest path to Champions League.  Last year more teams put out top lineups and the final between Sporting KC and Seattle was played before 18,000 plus fans and saw SKC win in a PK shootout.  This year we saw more teams (not all) put serious effort into US Open Cup, it sure was the case for RSL.

In the first Open Cup match for RSL, they put out a mixed lineup (Saunders, Palmer, Watson-Siriboe, Salcedo, Wingert, Morales, Alvarez, Velasquez, Beckerman, Sandoval, and Findley) and used all 3 subs (Plata, Grabavoy, Stephenson).  It took RSL extra time to get their 3-2 win over Atlanta, but clearly showed that the team was going to take the tournament seriously.  The second match for RSL was against Charleston again saw a very experienced lineup used (Saunders, Wingert, Maund, Borchers, Beltran, Velasquez, Beckerman, Morales, Grabavoy, Garcia, Sandoval – subs Stephenson, Plata, and Findley) and again it took 120 minutes for RSL to secure their 5-2 win.

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