Another chance for the RSL family to do some good

Hey folks, every time there has been a need the #RSLFamily steps up to do amazing things for the people in need in our community, and this is another great chance to do just that.

I got the following information from Deb Donoviel Harper, who has helped on so many projects for so many people I am constantly amazed by her huge heard and passion for helping others.

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“I want to thank everyone for all their help and support on The Glad’s home. I am now moving from a VERY happy story, to a story that isn’t so happy, BUT CAN BE WITH OUR HELP. “WE” have been asked by Nat Borchers, Coach Cassar, along with other team members to step up and help one of our own, RSL Family member, Team Manager Salvador Perez.

Here is Nat’s personal note about Claudia and her disorder:

“Sal needs our help. His niece, Claudia Perez, has a rare genetic disease called Marfan Syndrome. Marfan Syndrome causes connective tissue degeneration. Connective tissue is what holds all of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs together. Because connective tissue is found all over the body, Marfan Syndrome can affect many areas of the body. For many people this disease is life-threatening. In the case of Claudia, the disease has affected her heart. Claudia needs multiple surgeries to stop the disease from shutting down her heart.

For her to survive, she will need prosthetic implants to help her heart to continue to function properly. These surgeries are highly complex. During these surgeries doctors will implant 3 different prostheses. Claudia is literally fighting for her life. The surgeries and the prosthetics are very expensive. Claudia needs to raise at least $30,000 just to pay for the deposit for these surgeries and prosthetics. The Perez Family is looking for donations for both the cost of these surgeries and for the cost of the prosthesis.”

No donation is too small. Thanks for you help!
Nat Borchers

So, we are putting together fundraisers (On the team’s personal time) to do just that, HELP. Until these events you can make ANY DONATION no matter how small at and MAKE SURE you list TEAM RSL FAMILY in the comments.
They are a 501(C)3.

Also with Children and the Earth we have entered a team in Ride the Brainwave TEAM RSL FAMILY where you can register to either run the 5K, or join the Motorycycle Poker Ride. (PREREGISTRATION IS VERY IMPORTANT)

Any one who knows me knows it is “GO BIG OR GO HOME” so I want our team to be the biggest there! Come on RSL FAMILY, SUPPORTER’S CLUBS and anyone else, LET’S DO THIS. The event is great. There are bands throughout the day and the headline band this year in the evening will be Great White (Included with your registration)There is also a beer garden. So please join with me and let’s get Claudia the surgery she needs! I will have fliers at the tailgate lot tomorrow.”

No matter the cause I know that if Deb is behind it that it is not only is worthwhile but that it will change lives.  We can all do a little, which can go a very long way.

That’s How I See It

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