RSL 1-1 draw vs Tigres in pictures and post match quotes

Wednesday night RSL fans were treated to a very exciting match, but RSL was unable to move forward in the CONCACAF Champions league losing their series with Tigres 3-1 on aggregate, here are some post match comments from Jeff Cassar, Nick Rimando and Tony Beltran (along with some pictures from the match:


Real Salt Lake
Head Coach Jeff Cassar

3-2-16 Tigres_1141 (2)

Opening statement:
“Disappointed with exiting the tournament. It’s something that we really wanted to push on and make it back to the finals, but really pleased with the effort that our players put forth. Our staff – there was a lot of energy that went into preparing for Tigres because they’re a fantastic team. But, we’ve got to move on. We’ve got a really important game Sunday against Orlando, and that’s where our focus is going to be now.”

On how he feels being that close to tying the game:
“It’s painful. It’s painful no matter what. I’m a pretty positive guy. I couldn’t be more happy and more excited about what’s ahead for this team. If we have that kind of effort from everyone. We’ve talked about sacrificing for each other, and that’s what I saw tonight was players sacrificing for each other. If we continue to do things like that we’re going to have a successful year. It definitely hurts but we have to put it behind us.”

On Javier Morales PK approach and the stutter step:
“Listen, that goalkeeper is good. He is very good. He is very long, and if he goes down earlier it’s in the goal. Javier is a professional. He’s going to bounce back. It’s a PK. Sometimes you get saved. It is what it is.”

Real Salt Lake
Head Coach Jeff Cassar

On the skill of the attacking in the goal and the future of the offense:
“I think as these guys get fitter and more comfortable, we’re going to be able to attack like that and press like that. We can’t do it all the time with our busy schedule, but I think if the guys get fitter we’re going to be able to do more things. Guys are going to be sharper and be able to pull off more things because they have some really wonderful ideas in and around the box.”

3-2-16 Tigres_0431 (2)

On having more possession and more attacking and what resulted in that:
“Obviously we felt very comfortable at home. We wanted to be the aggressors and I think we were that the entire game. We gained a lot of confidence down in Tigres. We didn’t get the result we wanted, but we played the way we wanted to. We created a lot of chances, and I think that gave us more confidence when we came back home. Hopefully these two games, minus the results, is going to breed confidence in the way that we’re going to be able to attack. We’re talking about our attack, but I thought our defending was fantastic tonight. And sometimes a good attack makes for a good defense. I thought our back four, Sunny [SundayObayan] and Kyle [Beckerman] were running their brains out and sacrificing for each other. So we’re going to talk about the attack tonight but I think the defense was fantastic.”

Goalkeeper Nick Rimando

3-2-16 Tigres_0027 (2)

On the match and upcoming season:
“I’m excited about this year. I mean, a lot of ups in this game, in this series. Going to Mexico, a pretty hard place to play, and sticking with one of the best teams arguably in Mexico. Obviously we had some chances tonight, but we also missed some chances the first leg, so we can’t just hold our heads about one chance here tonight. A lot of pride went into tonight’sgame and effort. If we play like this I think the season is going to be bright for us.”

On getting the ball out to the forwards:
“These guys are yearning for the ball. My look is always forward first and Yura wants the ball all the time. Burrito wants the ball and is forcing me to give them the balls as quick as I can and it worked out where he was open and able to give him the ball and Burrito did his magictonight. Not just on that play, but also in numerous plays on the second half and gave them trouble, so if we can keep both of those guys healthy and the effort that we had tonight it’s going to be an exciting year.”

3-2-16 Tigres_1204 (2)

On the defense:
“I think we’re all connected. We’re battling for the guy next to us. It wasn’t perfect, but it definitely did the job. When we throw guys forward, because we need the goal, we’re going to open up a little in the back and that’s how they got their goal. There’s no reason I think that they would score if we didn’t put 3 in the back and we weren’t putting guys forward, but together today we played as one and everybody fought for the ball. Nobody took a break off. I saw Yura behind our defense one time tracking a player down, so that’s a commitment we need to win games and go far in this league and commitment we need to hopefully get back into this tournament and have another knock at this.”

Defender Tony Beltran

3-2-16 Tigres_1493 (2)

On the match:
“We had a good performance tonight. We’re unlucky not to make it there in the end. Great to see Chris. You know they fought hard and it’s unfortunate not to advance.”

On missed opportunities:
“I thought we did a really good job limiting their chances and our shape was very good and we had a game plan on how to deny them service. I thought we followed through on that well, but again we’re just unfortunate. You know it’s early in the year not to finish our chances and PK. Javier never misses, so it’s just unlucky.”

On the matchup against Javier Aquino:
“I was excited to play against him. He’s a very good player, obviously a Mexican national team player. I knew I was going to play against him and it was a fun matchup.”

If you want to check out more pictures from the match, you can find them online here.

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