Folks The Fortress fell and I will be dammed if I can find a silver lining

Listen the reality is that RSL blew as bad as they have ever sucked on Saturday in their 5-1 home loss to expansion side LAFC.  In a season where the team needs to find a way to be dominant at home, they were anything but and at some point it looked like guys didn’t give a crap anymore.  The gaps are clear and while it may seem easy to point blame, enough people have pointed to Demar Phillips, but the reality is he was one of the guys getting the ball forward and nobody filled in when he went forward.  You can point a finger a Luis Silva who did nothing, you can point fingers at every single player at some point of the match.

So here is what we can do, we can admit that there is more than enough blame for the players and the coaching staff to go around.  What I care about is what happens on Saturday when we have to face an actually good team, a team that is doing well in Champions League, that in their home opener they beat Portland 4-0 in a match that wasn’t even close.

There was a single highlight of the match for RSL, it was the fact that Joao Plata was fortunate enough to be in the right place to put his blocked PK effort back into the back of the net.  He celebrated by doing push ups:

While this was a cute goal celebration, it was the only thing worth being happy about.

We did get to see the debut of one of RSL’s new stars

Alfredo Ortuño got his first minutes and with the match well beyond the point of no return, his touch left something to be desired but I like the effort, the pace and his attacking attitude that is something the team can learn how to take advantage of.

We also saw the 2016 debuts of Brooks Lennon, Bofo Saucedo and while both brought a lot of energy it was just too little, too late.

So here are a couple other pictures from the night:

So this is it, let us never mention it again.

That’s How I See It!!

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