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My first time and why it won’t be the last Royal’s match I attend

There is rarely enough time in a day or week for me to do all the things I want and need to do, I imagine your life is much the same.  I can say this, I will make more time in my schedule for the Utah Royals going forward. I can’t say i will attend every match but I can say that every match I can attend I will and if you are a RSL fan, or just a soccer fan in general I will recommend you do the same.

The biggest reason I am throwing my full support behind the Utah Royals is simple, they are entertaining to watch and easy to cheer for.  The game is a little bit slower and points maybe less technical (but not much) but it is a cleaner style, tackles are done with the intent of getting the ball, not taking an opposing player out. So while there are fouls, they are less frequent and that leads to less interruptions and better flow and flopping is a whole lot rarer than one tends to see in the men’s game.

Another reason is what I saw on my way to and from the match, that was families a whole lot of families going to the match.  The Royals’ tickets are less expensive than RSL tickets, this means it is easier for families to attend home matches and that is a great thing. Before, during and after the match I looked around the stands and it simply made me smile at the pure number of young girls there to cheer on their heroes.

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A New Start for #RSL- Part 1

At the end of the 2017 season, I made a tough decision that after 10 years of writing about RSL on a fairly regular basis that maybe it was time to just be a fan again.  I mean I have only used my season tickets for myself 4 times in the last 3 seasons, and while I often can find someone to buy them or to give them to, maybe it was time to sit back and enjoy them.

I was fairly content with that decision until of all things the Utah Royals were announced.  I have held very mixed feelings about Dell Loy Hansen over the years, and while the on the field results since he took full ownership of the team have been lacking, his moves off the field have been impressive.  When he stepped forward to save a franchise that would have otherwise folded, it showed more commitment to the organization and the community but again left me wondering what about the product on the field?  It was a simple little video of the remodel of what is now the locker room of the Utah Royals that changed my mind about a lot of things.  First it made my excitement level go up, they weren’t being relegated to the Monarchs new stadium, but they would play at Rio Tinto. They wouldn’t go without a sponsor, they would get a good one, they wouldn’t be treated like an afterthought instead they were being treated and shown the respect that the first team was getting.  Heck if DLH could buy back in and show that level of dedication, who was I to not do the same?

So for the 11th year I will do my best to present my thoughts and opinions on all things RSL, my focus will remain on the first team but I will do what I can to add in some coverage of the Monarchs and Royals.  So with that being said here we go:

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